November Calendar

October 17, 2011

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Accreditation Update

October 13, 2011

Missouri state Education Commissioner Chris L. Nicastro held a town hall meeting in Kansas City on Tuesday, Oct. 11, to discuss the KCMSD’s loss of accreditation and next steps for the district.  A goal of the town hall meeting was to solicit community feedback about the possible formation of a State Monitoring and Assistance Team. Nicastro asked attendees to weigh in on what the team’s role and responsibilities should be and to help identify the characteristics of the individuals who should be selected to serve on the team.  Nominations will be collected Oct. 25 to Nov. 15.  See below for information on acceditation.

Press release announcing loss of accreditation (click here)

FAQ: What Happens When a School District Becomes Unaccredited (click here)