KSMSD Accreditation

Missouri Education Commissioner Chris Nicastro held a town hall meeting in Kansas City on Tuesday, Oct. 11, to discuss the accreditation status and next steps for the Kansas City Missouri School District.  The stated goal  of the town hall meeting was to solicit community feedback about the possible formation of a State Monitoring and Assistance Team. Nicastro asked attendees  to weigh in on what the team’s role and responsibilities should be and to help identify the characteristics of the individuals who should be selected to serve on the team.  She also invited other ideas for ways DESE could provide assistance, as the district works to regain accredited status. The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education is now accepting nominations  for the State Monitoring and Assistant Team.  To be considered, nominations must be received by Nov. 15, and include:  completed nomination form, résumé and one-page statement of interest.  See nomination form and other information.

This page also includes answers to frequently asked questions regarding loss of accreditation.

Since Nicastro held the town hall meeting in Kansas City, during which a timeline was outlined for parents and other stakeholders, she has been reported to have suggested the KCMSD School Board consider taking the option to resign their positions in January 2012, opening the way for the state to establish an appointed administrative board.

Read KC Star story on option for school board to cede control of the district to the state.

Read KC Star story on teachers union and district parent organization’s response.

Read KC Star editorial on proposed changes to administrative structure of the district.

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