KCSMD Accreditation Update

There is considerable news coverage and discussion regarding the Kansas City School District’s pending loss of state accreditation. Following is a statement released on December 2, 2011, by interim superintendent, Dr. Stephen Green.

Statement from Interim Superintendent R. Stephen Green

Dated Dec. 2, 2011 – “As we are moving forward with our plan to raise student achievement, it would be helpful to have greater clarity about what lies ahead in the future regarding this area (governance); however, I fully understand and appreciate that consensus building in a diverse community like Kansas City is extremely complex and takes time. In the meantime, our administrative team is in implementation/execution mode and fully engaged in addressing the teaching and learning needs of our students.

Thus, when the state Board of Education convened around 8:30 a.m. Friday, Dec. 2,  we were already working hard on behalf of our students. Instructional teams were implementing changes to ensure we exceed important and immediate accreditation targets, including helping 287 more students in grades 3-5 meet the mathematics group standard,  or making sure 312 more students in grades 9-11 increase their performance in communication arts.

Further, the KCPS team remained laser-focused on the daily work of supporting students, including:

  • Ensuring more than 8,700 students had boarded a school bus and were transported to their school.
  • Delivering high quality instruction through 900 dedicated educators.
  • Preparing breakfast and lunch for more than 12,700 students.
  • Coordinating the delivery of coats, school uniforms, and vital supplies to our families through our Family Store initiative.
  • Securing and maintaining nearly 3 million square-feet of space.

The work of preparing KCPS students to be college, career, and workforce ready will continue uninterrupted. While we welcome an eventual and definitive answer to the governance question, we will not use it as a crutch or allow it to become a further distraction. We remain open to ideas and proactive interaction with our community, but the drum beat of educating students will continue.”

In September, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) released this statement regarding accreditation:

“The decision by the state Board of Education to remove the accreditation of the Kansas City, Missouri School District (KCMSD) effective Jan. 1, 2012 is the first step to help the district regain full accreditation.

The “unaccredited” classification does not have an immediate impact on students. Schools will continue to operate as normal. Children currently enrolled in KCMSD will have valid diplomas and be eligible for scholarships. The unaccredited classification speaks only to the effectiveness of a school district, not its students.”

Find general information about the KCMSD and its accreditation status here.

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