Updates on Accreditation

On Monday, Dec. 19, SAC held a special meeting to update parents about the district’s accreditation situation and provide information regarding state and local discussions on the Kansas City, Missouri School District’s future.  For your information, your SAC has compiled a Frequently Asked Questions. While we certainly don’t have answers to all questions, we are continuing to work to stay informed and contribute to the discussions.

Accreditation FAQ

KCMSD Student Transfer Policy (regarding transferring to another school district)

Education Commissioner’s statement to State Board of Education

2 Responses to Updates on Accreditation

  1. Joi Wills says:

    Has there been any discussion about what would happen to Lincoln in particular? I was going to schedule my child to take the entrance exam but I’m nervous about whether the school will even be around come August 2012 😦

    • Joi: I’m sorry we didn’t see your comment previously. Even with the district and state discussions (chaos), we are confident that Lincoln Prep will be around! The school has a long history and a stellar reputation. Please know the next admission test is Feb. 4; open house will be Feb. 12.

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